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Are you sure you want to investigate my mind! I do have some good ideas but mainly poor ones :-). If you want to read about some of my builds, read on. The nuggets of inspiration you find here will undoubtedly change your life, well even if it helps you a touch then you are welcome!

Knife Handle

I had a message via the website, a lady wanted a new handle for a knife she had which belonged to

New Knife handle

I was approached by a lady who wanted me to make a new handle for a small knife she had. 

Becca Milton Modular units to fit in to a recess

I have a request to produce a set of crates for Becca.
The brief was for it to fit in

Johns Shelves Custom Shelves

I had a request from a customer to make him some shelves for a small recess he had.
He was

How I made the Cake Stand.

I wanted to show how I made the Cake stand. It was made from a single bl